A topical program

Businesses now operate in environments that are rapidly changing. Due to the globalization of markets, opportunities and threats to our businesses arise at any time and anywhere in the world. Any place in the world can have an instant impact on our markets.

Very important changes in all of the key aspects of corporate governance are occurring. This requires those responsible for each policy area a solid knowledge to bear on the development of the strengths and resilience of their organizations through the latest management strategies, business models, and processes of human resources management. This knowledge evolves to create more value and to be more competitive. Those companies, entrepreneurs, managers, and directors are then capable of leading the transformation of their own organizations and will be able to last over time.

Aware of the need to train people who will lead these changes, Cesine Business School has developed an Executive MBA program in which companies collaborate with today's market leaders. This experience and expertise enrich the contents of the Masters Program. In addition, through agreements with companies and organizations, Cesine Business School is able to guarantee 100% of young graduates with no experience, paid internships. Our proposal provides this practical dimension that is entirely distinctive.

The program includes two modules of internationalization, taught in China and USA (optional). Two residential periods, which help understand the individual peculiarities of the Asian and American markets. In collaboration with the Hispano-Chinese Wolder consultant based in the city of Guangzhou, and the American University Washington DC, the programme studies the political, economic, social and cultural development of each country.

We expect to meet the objectives set by Cesine and thus achieve our goal: To contribute to the training of professional leaders and to be able to provide high value to companies today and into the future.

Reasons to attend the Executive MBA Business School Cesine

Cesine´s Executive MBA Programme is directed towards experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who provide the right balance between personality, academic skills, and professional experience. This Executive MBA is aimed at young graduates who wish to acquire the best knowledge and skills to successfully perform managerial functions at the highest level.

  • The best teachers: Prestigious active professionals in the field of tax, accounting, and legal consultancy, as well as the fields of business and research.
  • A challenging and extended programme: Our rigorous plan helps to stimulate and strengthen strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision making.
  • Guaranteed optional internships: 100% of the students that request it will obtain the necessary professional experience through agreements with the best national and International companies.
  • Contact network: More than 350 national and International agreements, trips to China and the USA and teachers linked to the business world give the students of this MBA a network of connections in the academic and professional world.
  • International experience: The lessons from this MBA are taught in 2 or 3 continents, which will allow for the study of the political, economic, social and cultural reality of the international market.
  • Graduate Gateway Program: Possibility of an optional semester in the American University of Washington CD, with internships in leading American companies.

Our Method

This is a programme based on three basic points: Case studies, teamwork and active participation in class and in forums.

  • The learning methodology is mainly practical. The topics are analyzed through real cases and business simulations discussed in the classroom and in debate forums or through videoconferences, as there is a combination of in-class and online learning.
  • The master mainly has an in-class approach, being taught every Friday afternoon and one Saturday morning a month. Some subjects are taught online.
  • Such methodology includes simulations, research, role-playing, workshops as well as debates with invited guests and the continuous development of interpersonal activities. The efficiency of teamwork is fostered through study groups and group projects when different students with different training backgrounds get together to collaborate in an interactive and flexible learning environment.
  • All the teachers train students to lead, manage and direct. They are renowned active professionals in business, consulting and research.

Objectives of the Executive MBA

  • Acquiring a global and multidisciplinary vision in a multicultural learning environment, exploring different International business environments in 2 or 3 continents.
  • Fostering our students’ management and leadership skills and abilities.
  • Developing entrepreneurship in business management in order to achieve objectives and providing added value.
  • Highlighting the importance of integration, cooperation and ethics in the business structure and organization through teamwork.
  • Mastering the management of innovation processes in business.
  • Learning the characteristics of consumer behavior.
  • Learning new information systems tools
  • Training in integrated management of products and brands

Student Profile

CESINE’s MBA students are people headed for high management positions, developing a managing career.

The candidates have a university or equivalent degree. In exceptional cases, this degree might be substituted by professional experience.

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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