Full-time MBA (3”S” Programme---Soldiers, Students, Staff)


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Program Description

I. Programme Features

  • Accredited by Associations of MBAs
  • Real world management skills training by integrating diversifies teaching methods in both classrooms and site visits.
  • State-of-art Facility: The School invested more than 3 million RMB to build “Business Administration Experimental Teaching Centre” to satisfy the teaching demands.
  • Offered by a specialized institution with featured faculty teams of economics, management and law.

Integrated Study Experience:

  • 3 months military training experience+
  • 15 months campus study experience+
  • 3 months company internship experience+
  • 1-month overseas study experience

II. Programme Rankings

  • Top 5% of all business schools in China
  • Ranked the 13th and 12th respectively in 2010 and 2013 as the Most Influential MBA Programme in China (World Executive Weekly)

III. Programme Characteristics:

  • Soldier, student & staff conversion
  • Army, school & enterprise training
  • Economics, management & law integration
  • Philosophy, conception & capability reinforcing

IV. Programme Mission:

  • Specialized skill training
  • Iron will temper
  • Teamwork boosting
  • Managerial art study

V. Programme Purpose

1) To form good personal habits through studying and living in the military academy; to strengthen physical fitness and steel wills through military training.

2) To learn the basic theories of modern management, form systematic management thinking and master management research methods. To accomplish the plan of out-of-the-boundary study in summer vacation, receive teaching in English, understand the education of out-of-the-boundary business schools, and expand the global vision.

3) Be able to proficiently apply modern financial analysis tools and related laws according to the personal professional development and research direction.

4) To understand enterprises’ production and operation modes, be familiar with enterprises’ ecological culture and complete graduation projects through half a year's internship in enterprises.

VI. Admission Requirements

1). A minimum five-year work experience with an associate degree;

A minimum three-year work experience with a bachelor’s degree; Or a minimum two-year work experience with a master’s or doctorate’s degree.

2). Pass the National Entrance Exam for MBA, which is approved of, designed and organized by the Ministry of Education

Graduation and Degree Conferring

  1. Students will be awarded the ZUEL master’s diploma and conferred the MBA degree after they pass the examinations, attain the necessary credits and successfully defend their theses.

  2. Requirements for the thesis:

a) Both Chinese and English abstracts are required;

b) The main body of the thesis could be written either in Chinese or English (a minimum of 30,000 English words or 20,000 Chinese words required);

c) When the thesis is written in English, a copy of Chinese translations shall be submitted in the meantime.

Last updated Dec 2017

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About the School

ZUEL was among the second batch of universities in China to offer MBA programme in 1994; and in 2002 it was one of first batch of universities in China to offer EMBA programme.

ZUEL was among the second batch of universities in China to offer MBA programme in 1994; and in 2002 it was one of first batch of universities in China to offer EMBA programme. Read less
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