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Program Description

Our MBA programmes are a great way for you to enhance your career opportunities and future career success. The university is ranked 9th in Central and Eastern Europe for its MBA degree by It is well known that MBA diploma is a symbol of professionalism, competence and knowledge, highly respected by all multinational companies. VUM MBA programmes are a combination of theory and numerous practical case studies focused on problem-solving, development of management skills of immediate and enduring value.

The essentials of the MBA programme are built around the gathering and consolidation of leadership, decision making, communication and analytical skills which are substantial for every successful manager. Last, but not least the MBA programme is designed for working people and therefore studies take place during the weekends or after the end of the working day, which means that you may study and work simultaneously. Classes are also offered on Fridays and Saturdays which facilitate travelling and accommodation.

Another key advantage of our MBA programmes is an option for worldwide study trips with our global partners.

In addition, our MBA programmes are allowing you to take the more specific focus of your study depending on your needs and interests by letting you choose specific pathways. In that way, you will not only get your highest level of education, but also a tailored specialization which will show in brackets next to your degree.

Optional Pathways

  • MBA Project Management
  • MBA Product Development Management
  • MBA Health Sector Management
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA International Finance
  • MBA Human Resources

The education process

All lectures are taught in English and have been officially approved by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Also, there are many guest lecturers teaching you during this course.

Our MBA students come from different cultures, industries and are with diversified backgrounds and working experience. Those students bring a fusion of experience, cultural variety, and extensive knowledge of the classroom. A diversity like that not only enhances the value of the studies, but it also enriches the discussion, forums and seminars during lectures and case study projects. Furthermore, the contacts you build during your study could result in future long-term business collaboration and activities.

Study modules consist of core modules plus at least two additional elective modules according to the preliminary chosen pathway:

Core modules

  • People & Organisations
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Management of Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Buyer Behaviour and Relationship Marketing
  • Innovation Management
  • Brand Management
  • Leaderhsip and Change Management
  • Dissertation/Start-up a business/Proposed Project

Two Elective modules in the field of Finance, HR, Marketing, Project Management, Product Development Management

Final MBA Dissertation: The dissertation, which comprises three of the MBA's nine modules, is an intellectually challenging piece of individual management research, that gives students with the knowledge, capabilities and competencies of today’s successful managers.

Degrees: British Master of Business Administration Degree issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and Bulgarian Master of Business Administration Degree awarded by Varna University of Management.

Admission Requirements

The admission is based on documents, IELTS 6.5 + or equivalent ( VUM institutional English language test available) and online or face to face interview with the candidate.

Last updated Jun 2018

About the School

Study in Europe in English with Varna University of Management. VUM is the highest-rated university for international students in Europe.

Study in Europe in English with Varna University of Management. VUM is the highest-rated university for international students in Europe. Read less