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Program Description

The MBLE POLE (Gadex) is a program aimed at transmitting an integrated vision of the company and providing the necessary skills to work in a management team.

This Master, of four months duration and with activity equivalent to 25 teaching hours per week, is done entirely at a distance.

The main objectives of the Gadex Program are:/>

  • Contribute knowledge of practical application to professional activity.
  • Develop skills to work in a management team .
  • Encourage professional exchange in the field of the company.
  • Establish links between professionals and companies from Spanish-speaking countries .
  • Maintain contacts through the Educational Platform and the Alumni Network .

Fast guide/>

  1. The MBLE POLE (Gadex) is an Intensive Program of Skills and Management Techniques.
  2. The Master lasts approximately four months, with a weekly load equivalent to 25 teaching hours. It is structured in eight modules. It is done in 16 real weeks, totaling 400 teaching hours
  3. The classes are conducted remotely, through a virtual platform that includes teaching materials and work forums.
  4. Once the master's degree is completed, including the corresponding exams, students who pass the tests have the option of obtaining their degree by paying the corresponding fees. The titles to which they have access are:
    1. Master Executive MBA POLE (own title).
    2. Master Executive MBA POLE, participated by the University of Cádiz (own title) Involves the completion of an additional course of 40 teaching hours.
  5. Legalization of the title: it is carried out through the process of Legalization Única denominated Apostille of the Hague.
  6. There is the option of an internship in Spain.
  7. The MBA POLE (Gadex) is currently developing its Tenth Edition
  8. Limited places. To start the registration process without commitment, you must register here .


The MBA is specifically designed to enhance the professional skills of graduates and managers.

It consists of eight modules that are designed based on reflection points that visually and conceptually develop key keys for business management.

Each of these modules has support documentation, management keys, tools to apply in the company and discussion forums.

The student, according to the online methodology used, can adequately overcome the requirements of the MBA by applying effort according to his available time: he can deepen the analysis of the supporting documentation, or, if he is more limited in time, focus his attention in the study and development of the Management Keys.

Likewise, the student can, optionally, increase their MBA training by attending the Internship at the Spanish campus or by carrying out an International Project together with other students from different countries.


In this MBA, we intensively work on ten major areas of significance and their interactions:/>

  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Management Skills
  • Communication
  • information
  • Innovation
  • Value creation
  • Marketing, Market and Strategy

It is deepened by means of a cross-interaction methodology that, coordinated by the Professors and using Management Keys and Application Tools, strengthens the following vectors:/>

  • Proactive interaction of students
  • Crossing of experiences and international approaches
  • Cross of management perspectives from different areas of the company
  • Application in real time in the companies themselves of what was learned in the MBA
  • Database of Keys and Tools for own performance
  • Integrated vision of management fact, ultimate goal of an MBA

Admission requirements

Be in possession of a higher degree or comparable experience .

Selection procedure

First, you must complete the pre-admission application , which is accessed through the " Enrollments " tab.

The decision of the Academic Committee of Selection, taken on the basis of the documentation provided, is unappealable. This decision will be communicated by means of an email sent directly from the Coordination of the POLE Program (Gadex).

** POLE (Gadex) reserves the right to make any alteration or modification in the Calendar and / or Program, as well as any other condition that may be convenient due to technical, academic or market reasons. However always try to respect the exact conditions accurately./>

Economic conditions/>

The total price of the POLE MBA Program is US $ 3,650.

50 scholarships of 100% available.

The scholarship students receive directly the details of their conditions.

It is included in this price:/>

  • The complete realization of the online MBA.
  • The management of the teaching material, including:
    • Technical notes
    • Business Address Keys
    • Management tools

The correction and qualification of the evaluations carried out.

Tutoring during the entire academic process.

It is not included in this price:/>

  • Assistance to the Internship in Spain. If the student wishes to attend, it has an additional cost of US $ 950. This price includes all the costs of teaching, accommodation and meals at the Spanish campus.
  • The processing, preparation and sending of the title, once the MBA is completed.
  • Apostille procedure of the Hague on the title issued. This procedure has a cost of 200 US Dollars.
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