MBA Top Up


Program Description

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-up

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must hold an appropriate Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma. Evidence of English Language capability at a level equivalent to IELT's 6.5. Other qualifications can be considered on a case by case basis. Please inquire about your specific qualification.

Minimum Age:

19 yrs


6 months

Intake Dates:

January, April, July and October

The Master of Business Administration Top-up is a 6-month programme designed to update your management skills and help you develop skills needed to make strategic business decisions.

The degree is awarded by the University of Northampton and delivered through our partner LSM. Stratford College provides supplementary state of the art, courses to help all students pass their academic programme with ease. These supplementary courses do not form part of the degree programme and are not mandatory to achieving the degree qualification. However, they are provided by Stratford College to all students to help assist the students with their study skills.

We pride ourselves on giving focus and attention to our students. We identify their areas of improvement and offer the assistance and support they require to complete their academic programme assignments with ease! This includes training students to identify and tackle key assignment requirements, providing insight to the appropriate application of the Harvard referencing system and other areas which enhance the student’s understanding of research, methodology and other essential study skills.

Qualification Overview

  • Credit Value 60 credits
  • Qualification Level 7
  • Duration 6 months

Modules in the Master in Business Management Top Up programme are the Critical Issues in the Business module (10 credits) and Business Research Project module (50 credits).

Module Synopsis

Module Aims: Critical Issues in Business

The module aims to develop learning in the following ways:

  • To develop a critical understanding of the thematic nature of the study of organisations and the business environment.
  • To enable participants to critically evaluate the tasks and responsibilities of business leaders from an integration perspective; through the introduction of contemporary and pervasive issues.

Module Aims: Business Research Project

The module aims to enable the learner in the following ways:

  • To facilitate the development of advanced level independent working and critical problem-solving skills in a largely unstructured framework. Participants will be asked to define both the business problem and select the most appropriate data sources. This will include the development of an appreciation of the case study technique as a vehicle for understanding managerial problems and issues. In particular, participants should be able to comprehend the complementary nature of various research approaches and methodologies and the value of triangulation in research design.
  • To develop participant knowledge of and proficiency with, a range of management research methodologies including quantitative and qualitative interventions, including data gathering, synthesising, analysing and consultancy skills alongside capabilities in report writing skills. The module aims not just to develop an academic writing style but to also enable participants to cultivate a professional corporate style.
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