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Program Description

MBA Corporate Management Construction


implement technical knowledge in economic success Tailored management expertise for the construction industry

The demands on managers in the construction industry are becoming more demanding and complex. In addition to technical knowledge economic, legal and organizational skills as well as leadership and management skills are essential for lasting success. The Master's program management qualified construction engineers and architects for the acquisition of management roles in the construction industry. Experienced professionals and executives give lectures, interdisciplinary case studies and group work with the necessary knowledge and tools in the areas of controlling, finance and risk management, legal, strategy development, communication, negotiation techniques, leadership and much more

Course content and objectives

Develop management skills

The first university degree qualified civil engineers and architects, especially for the technical operations of construction, ie for the design, planning and construction of works. In practice, however, they often have to take over management tasks - the management of a construction site, a group, a department, an office or the management of complex projects. This requires knowledge management in order to take into account the interdependence of technical aspects to legal frameworks and economic consequences appropriately. The successful implementation of knowledge requires skills of communication, persuasion, conflict resolution and leadership.

Acquire Multidisciplinary knowledge

Success factors and business models in the construction industry are subject to increasingly rapid change. Construction tap on the classic, contractors, new business activities. This not only technology and process chains, but also organizing, controlling, financial management, strategy development and risk management with new challenges. Leadership skills in the construction industry today requires an addition to the technical know-how through economic, legal and organizational skills. Commercial and technical skills need to further integrate, which requires skills to a more holistic approach.

Program Objectives "corporate governance structure" is the transfer of management skills and multi-maturing knowledge for engineers and architects. This is the study prepare to take on positions of responsibility in the construction industry.

Study Procedure, Dates & SPO

The course consists of two compact presence blocks of six weeks, which take place in January / February of each year. After a period of supported self-study exams in May / June will take place in the context of evaluation and examination seminar. The second block is an outdoor weekend ahead in September.

The two presence blocks the thesis follows. It is issued not later than three months after completion of all professional examinations. With the Master's thesis within six months vorzuschlagendes by the participant subject to structure from a study using scientific methods and solve. We recommend it to choose a topic connection with the professional activities of the participant, so the solutions can be used at work, which also facilitates the most support from the employer.

Lecture times (usually)
Monday 9:45 to 17:45
Tuesday to Thursday 8:00 to 17:45
Fridays 08:00 to 17:15 in special circumstances occasionally Saturdays may be added during the residential phase.

Tailor-made for the construction industry

The course is tailor-made for a precisely localized audience. Open to graduates of a construction-related engineering degree program or architecture. The various disciplines and management tasks thus are not general but focused on the conditions and developments in the construction and property industry treated.

Compact and part
A special feature of the program is the temporal organization in two compact blocks of six weeks in January / February and one arranged between the two blocs project weekend in September. This proven structure is optimal focusing on the specific industry and project work of many participants. Studies may part-time in ca. two years to complete and can be integrated perfectly into the professional life.

Total immersion and efficient learning
Compared with time more fragmented study concepts, the compact blocks allow six weeks a "mental disengagement" from the occupation and an intense immersion in the substance. This increases the learning efficiency and promotes the formation of groups among the participants with positive effects on the exchange also among the participants, who come from different areas of the construction industry. In addition, the concept of saving travel time and expenses. Participants come from all over Germany; regularly, we also have participants who fly to blocks from abroad (eg Nigeria, Canada, Russia).

practice oriented
The majority of lecturers are leaders from the construction industry, specialist in construction law from law firms, experts from bauberatenden professions and professional communication coach. The study is characterized by the diversity of teaching mediation. The use of modern media, a high proportion of seminar-teaching methods and practice-relevant case studies are based on the teaching. Using examples from the corporate reality are worked out by the participants pragmatic solutions with immediate practical relevance. Since all participants have professional experience, they take benefit also from mutual dialogue and exchange of experiences.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirement is a first degree (eg Bachelor degree or diploma) in a construction-related engineering course or the architecture as well as at least one year of experience. In the case otherwise acquired aptitude for the study we ask for custom clearance with the Academy of Biberach University.

Study fee

The fee for the Master Program is 11,500, - EUR and is free of VAT. This includes the registration fee of 350, - EUR, the fee for both intensive blocks and all documentation and assessments, including the master's thesis. Also included are drinks and snacks during coffee breaks, a networking event with all participants and meals at outdoor weekend.


As a participant in the degree program MBA Management Construction set examinations at the State University of Biberach, to have a state-recognized MBA degree, which opens up access to the career of the higher civil service. You register as external students and part is accompanied on admission to the external examination at Biberach University of application.

The signed registration form including the signed Terms and Conditions and the application for admission to the external examination (Registration forms can be downloaded via the link on the right hand side.) Are also accompanied by:

  • Tabular CV
  • Certified copies of university degree certificate
  • and the university certificate
  • photograph
  • Motivation letter with a short presentation of the planned time reconciling study and work (eg by holiday / exemption) and the level of English proficiency

The application must be sent to:
Academy of the University Biberach
Postfach 1260
88382 Biberach The number of participants is limited. Decisive for the approval is the order of receipt of applications. Feel free to send us your application via e-mail for a non-binding preliminary terms of meeting the admission requirements. Interested parties also have the possibility, during blocks attend in Biberach individual lectures and the personal exchange with principal investigator and participants. Please call for an appointment to the Academy of Biberach University.

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