Mba in quality management


Program Description

Course Differentials

Teachers with theoretical and practical experience in Quality Management and its specifics; Success Cases studies on Accreditation and Audits; Infrastructure compatible with the standard requirement of our target audience; practical experience and the presence of invited professionals in some modules.


Among the main goals of the MBA, we can highlight:

  • To provide the necessary knowledge in practice directed to the planning, execution and control of activities related to Quality Management.
  • Empowering Learners with technical tools and establish necessary parameters to deal with issues peculiar to the Excellence Model in Management- MEG and all your prospects.
  • Direct special attention to the ISO 9001, its norms and characteristics in Quality Management.


This course is aimed at professionals who perform functions related to quality management in public or private institutions.


The course will be developed through various teaching / learning techniques in order to allow active student participation in the construction of knowledge. Professor provide monitoring school material. Will be used, according to the nature and appropriateness of each discipline, various methods such as case studies, games and simulations, conferences, lectures, seminars, directed studies, group work, practical classes in laboratories, debates and exchanges experiments.

Last updated Mar 2020

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