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Knowing that the tax costs are too relevant to companies, Tax Management and Tax Planning has the consequent development of the social object, increased profitability and jump competitiveness. However, not enough to have professional, isolation, solid knowledge, and other, legal or accounting, it is necessary to integrate them to ensure the best strategic decisions and avoid physical contingencies that can be fatal. Thus, their main difference is the segmentation of the course in 20 disciplines structured in a logical and consistent manner, with the aim of training, from theoretical and practical lessons that integrate all important areas of knowledge, participants for Tax Management and the Tax Planning.



Provide solidada and multidisciplinary training participant for Tax Management and Tax Planning, in which you can contribute to the development of the social object, profitability and competitiveness of companies.

specific: • analyze legislation and tax doctrine under the bias of the Tax Management and Tax Planning; • study the cases of tax planning; • understand the importance and content of disciplines related to tax law.


The MBA in Tax and Tax Planning Management is aimed at professionals in accounting, Legal, Financial, Accounting, Auditing, Commercial, suplly Chain, in addition to the partners, rights, executives, managers and all those who want to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical about it. Importantly, for the excellent use of the course, candidates to submit professional experience in the field, but also interest in developing the knowledge already acquired.


The courses will be conducted through lectures, in which theoretical and practical aspects will be addressed, including cases of discussions, being always encouraged the active participation of students, as well as the previous reading of the content to be taught.

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