Official MBA specialized in Family Business


Program Description


The title of Official MBA in Family Business Management has a predominantly professional orientation.

This Official MBA specialized in Family Business aims to provide students with advanced training of specialized and multidisciplinary academic character.

Its main purpose is to provide students with the most relevant management skills, providing a global and integrating view of the functional areas of the family business, both from a theoretical perspective, as from an applied perspective. Family businesses stand out for many characteristics and, as part of their training, students will delve into content such as the foundation and longevity of this type of business, government bodies and family protocol, as well as parallel planning and successions in the Family businesses.

All this to respond to an increasingly changing and globalized environment, which requires graduates with the ability to manage innovative and flexible family businesses, as well as the necessary skills for the development of a project of a business nature with its family nucleus.

Therefore, part of the purpose of this proposal of the Official MBA in Family Business Management is to enable graduate students to obtain a profile that allows them to:

  • Enter with guarantees in the labor market and / or develop in your own family business.
  • Access advanced training of a specialized and multidisciplinary nature.
  • Advance strategies on the main problems posed by the management of family businesses.

Why study this Official MBA in Family Business Management?

It is estimated that, in the European Union, there are 17 million companies that are family owned and that generate 100 million jobs. In another reference market such as the United States, estimated family businesses occupy 80% of the business fabric and generate 50% of private employment.

The family business has a great importance in the economic and productive apparatus of Spain: it generates exactly 67% of employment in the private sector, which represents 6.58 million jobs, compared to 3.28 million jobs in Spain. non-family businesses.

In this Official MBA the students will deepen in the contents that differentiate to the sector of the familiar company, since the plan of teachings contemplates asignaturas directed to the familiar succession, the organs of government in the structure of the familiar companies, the professionalization, the longevity and the resolution of conflicts in family businesses. All these aspects characteristic elements of this type of companies.

The profile of the graduate of the Official MBA in Family Business Management is adapted to the needs of the labor market allowing them to acquire additional skills, specialized and multidisciplinary, necessary to develop, in the future, their technical and managerial skills, in the environment of the management and direction of a family-type organization, through a considerable number of professional opportunities for others, or on their own.


  • Module 1: The Family Business, concept and characteristics
  • Module 2: The family business, structure and organization
  • Module 3: Direction and Management of the family business
  • Module 4: Continuous improvement of the family business
  • Module 5: Expansion and succession of the family business
  • Module 6: Internships in Companies and Institutions
  • Module 7: Master's Thesis


To apply for admission, you must send us:

  • Higher Academic Title (or, failing that, the payment of title fees)
  • Certified Academic File (subjects and notes)
  • Curriculum Vitae (with recent picture)
  • Photocopy ID / Passport
  • Two letters of recommendation (They can be from an academic and from a responsible person for the work of your current or past company)
  • A letter of motivation answering the following questions: why are you interested in this program? Why have you chosen the UCJC?
  • Admission application form

If your application is approved, the admissions department of Camilo José Cela University of Madrid will send you an admission letter via email.

(*) If you have completed your studies in foreign territory you must write to the coordinator of the Master to indicate the details of the documents you must submit.

The student can make the reservation of a place (600 € which will be deducted from the total amount of the Master) once the university has confirmed the candidate who is admitted, having 5 working days to make the payment of the same.

The degree has limited places. Whenever there are places available at the time of making the reservation, the payment of the reservation guarantees a place for the course.

This amount is only returned if the student does not exceed the legal requirements for access to the university.

There is the option of conditioned enrollment for students who are about to graduate. If it is your case, do not hesitate to contact us, it is not an impediment to take the Master.

Once the admission and reservation of the place has been made, the admitted students can enroll in the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing, Communication and Social Networks.

At the time of registration, the student must present all documents provided for the application for admission, in original and copy.

The opening of the registration period will be directly informed by the coordination to the students.

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