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Program Description

Why choose Emory's two-year MBA?

Designed to provide you with an exceptional education that equips you to lead in an ever-changing marketplace, the Two-Year MBA is intentional in approach and focused on your results.

  • #20 Best U.S. Full-time MBA (Finanical Times, 2019)
  • $155,783 average starting base salary plus bonus (class of 2018)
  • 95% students with job offers within 3 months of graduation (class of 2018)

niquely Goizueta

The Goizueta MBA is the only top-20 MBA program offering world-class academics and small-by-design classes delivered in a dynamic, global city. Earn an internationally-recognized MBA and receive high-quality, personalized feedback plus access to Fortune 500s and emerging businesses alike.

The best of all worlds

You don't have to trade access for intimacy or compromise on world-class business education. Goizueta's MBA delivers all three.

World-class business education

Not only will you learn from world-renowned faculty but you will also engage with a best in class MBA curriculum that is hands-on, client-focused, and immersive. You don’t have to take our word for it. U.S. News & World Report, Businessweek, The Economist, and Poets & Quants all rank Goizueta as a top-20 MBA program.

Intimate learning environment

Goizueta is small by design. With a 5 to 1 student to faculty ratio—the lowest of any top 25 ranked MBA program—we ensure you receive the personalized attention you deserve both inside and outside the classroom. You’ll forge lasting relationships with faculty, program and career staff, and your classmates alike that will enhance your academic experience and enrich your career.

Dynamic, global city

Pursuing your Goizueta MBA means access to all Atlanta has to offer. With multi-national corporations including The Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, Delta, and SunTrust all based in Atlanta, it ranks third in the nation among cities with the most FORTUNE 500 headquarters. Add in a vibrant start-up culture, the world’s busiest airport, and world-class arts, entertainment, and sports—and you’ll discover Atlanta has more to offer than good weather and southern charm.

  • #20 Best U.S. Full-time MBA (Financial Times, 2019)
  • 5:1 student to faculty ratio, the smallest class size of any top-25 U.S. full-time MBA
  • #3 Atlanta's rank among U.S. cities with the most fortune 500 headquarters (FORTUNE, 2017)

Go beyond academics

Our thoughtfully designed, comprehensive MBA curriculum delivers problem-solving and leadership skills to ensure you are “Day One Ready.” Through client-focused projects, hands-on leadership training, and immersive global exposure, you’ll customize an academic experience aligned with your professional and personal goals.

Front loaded core, fully loaded elective options

Our focus on preparing you for Day One success means you'll be prepared to hit the ground running without missing a step. By the end of your first year, you'll enter your summer internship armed with the tools to excel. By the end of your second, you'll be ready to get back to work with a leg up on your competition.

Your degree will keep working for you -- keeping pace as you and your career grow.

A progressive approach to program structure

From your front-loaded core classes to your integrated career development courses to a host of electives across a field of topics, the Two-Year MBA has everything you need to keep your momentum strong.

Your first semester core classes are stacked with critical coursework to develop the business knowledge needed to complete a top MBA like ours. From the start, you will build robust business insight through courses such as Data and Decision Analytics, Marketing, and Finance. Career development activities are also integrated into the curriculum, including our Professional Development course taught by our Career Management Center staff. Delivering such important career content in parallel with key academic courses teaches you to put your learning into practice and sharpen your delivery and results.

Once you reach the second semester, you will already have a robust set of skills, which makes you ready to tackle electives that round out your learning. Choosing from more than 90 electives means you have complete control of your focus in a program with expertise in countless fields. This preparation gives depth to your studies and allows you to contribute on Day One of your internship and every job thereafter.

  • 90 elective courses available
  • 5 international travel options available each year
  • 20 concentrations offered

Benefits of a small program

Foundations for career-switchers

Making a difference in education

Experiential learning

Classroom theory is critical, but it takes more to develop into a well-rounded business leader and thinker. Emory is a pioneer in experiential learning - marrying theory and practice in a way that brings the classroom to life - and your future into focus.

Global opportunities

Image for Global Opportunities Business isn't about where you are today - it's about where the world is headed. That's why every Emory MBA program makes global perspective a hallmark of the program. Explore another country, study another language - even work on projects from around the globe. Take global learning seriously and it will take you to the next level.

ifetime career confidence

Goizueta consistently ranks among the top 10 MBA programs for employment* because we develop our career services to support your individual career goals. Access internship prep before you even set foot on campus and work with a personal career coach matched to your interests. At Goizueta, you'll find invaluable resources and engaged alumni to support every step of your career journey. (*U.S. News & World Report Ranking, 2017)

  • #1 rank for the lowest fewest average number of years to payback (3.6, Forbes 2017)
  • $155,783 average starting base salary plus bonus (class of 2018)
  • 95% students with job offers within 3 months of graduation (class of 2018)

A partner from the start

At Goizueta, your career is always a top priority. We are committed to you and your career before you set foot on campus. With the help of our Career Management Center (CMC) staff, faculty, and peer mentors, you will be ready on Day One to excel in your program as well as interviews, internships, and your full-time career.

Career strategies

Before starting classes, the CMC will pair you with a career coach based on your career goals. You will complete a self-assessment that provides valuable insight into your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and optimal career options. Through this self-discovery, you begin to get the information needed to explore a variety of career paths and define goals unique to you.

Once you arrive on campus, the CMC partners with you individually to develop personalized outcomes, help refine career objectives, and then prepare you for coveted positions. You will explore specific fields of interest at a variety of career panels and networking events. These connections across industries, fields, and functions create multiple opportunities for you to identify your ideal career fit.

Even after graduate, you will have access to our powerful network through our Alumni Career Services. At Goizueta, our support will help you succeed for a lifetime.


A launchpad for your success

Congratulations on beginning your path to an MBA! Here you will find deadlines, application steps and information on how to fund your Goizueta MBA. Our goal is to provide a solid understanding of what to expect when applying to Goizueta's Two-Year MBA, so you can begin your tomorrow today.

Our comprehensive Two-Year MBA is intended for students who:

  • Earned a bachelor's degree and have a strong undergraduate academic record
  • Gained at least two years of post-undergraduate, full-time work experience (unless applying to a joint degree program)
  • Received competitive scores on the GMAT or GRE and, for non-native English speakers, the TOEFL, PTE, or IETLS
  • Come prepared to make valuable contributions in the classroom
  • Have demonstrated the ability to excel, lead, learn, and grow

Application deadlines for 2018-2019


* Preferred deadline for One-Year MBA applicants, international applicants, and applicants interested in consideration for top named scholarships

** Final deadline for general merit-based scholarships

Last updated Nov 2019

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