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AROS BUSINESS ACADEMY – Mini MBA’s and training

We aim to put an end to mass-produced leadership educations and instead we design Mini MBA leadership educations, that create a noticeable change - for you and for your workplace.

The International Mini MBA
We offer you The International Mini MBA, which is s fully online Mini MBA.

We are confident that you will be fond of us
You've probably attended lots of exciting leadership training where you have returned uplifted and recharged back to work. But how much of this training has created a lasting change for you? If you follow the statistics, it is very few. At Aros Business Academy, we are passionate about creating this change - so it makes sense for you to spend time on a Mini MBA, and so it makes sense for the workplace that sends you. We create it with both large and small measures – and some of them are even completely invisible to you.

Why choose a Mini MBA?
Let’s first establish that a Mini MBA is not an MBA. Of course, one is tempted to say. The word "Mini " says quite openly that we are dealing with a short, condensed and simplified version of an MBA. An MBA typically takes two years, while a Mini MBA typically takes six months. A Mini MBA is aimed at employees who need to enhance their knowledge and tools in management but does not intend to take an MBA or a Diploma in Management (due to time, money or inclination) – at least not right now. It can be leaders with extensive management experience, and it can be people who would like to take the next step and occupy a management position in the future.

The most important thing is skilled (really skilled) lecturers who are in love with their fields
To be a skilled instructor at our Mini MBAs you must have professional leadership expertise, no doubt about it. Which are more than 40 lecturers, obviously, have while being among the leading experts in their field at the same time. But we demand more from them! They must be passionate about what they teach, so they can engage the participants to the fullest. And then they must be skilled facilitators who can see YOUR challenge and relate the substance to exactly YOU. Maybe that's why 97.9% of our students believe the lecturer was "good" or "very good" at adjusting the Mini MBA specifically for them. A figure we are relatively proud of because it’s not easy to achieve. We offer the two Mini MBA programs Aros Mini MBA and ABA Mini MBA. We also offer the Mini MBA in Germany (Deutschland) and in Sweden: Mini MBA Chefsutbildning. And in Greenland: Kursus i Grønland.

We promise that the Mini MBA is customized to your problems and challenges
At Aros, we are very much against the run of the routine with the same old material. We believe that you will get the most out of your Mini MBA if the theory is put into perspective of the problems you encounter in your everyday life and that the cases are related to your line of work. Therefore, you will receive a short e-course on learning prior to the beginning of the Mini MBA. And we will send you a questionnaire about your assumptions and challenges, so the instructor and our experts can customize the course material to your exact needs.


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