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Neuroscience Business School


Neuroscience Business School, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, offers MBA programs, master's degrees, degrees, and subsidized courses, online and/or face-to-face, for companies, both in Spanish and English.

We are the first business school specializing in Business programs with the contribution of new neuroscience technologies in all programs. All of our programs include a part of Business Mindfulness, which helps our students increase their productivity and creativity.

We prepare our students to adapt to the world changes in the business ecosystem. We wonder why education has to be the same if the change is a constant in our world. The Education sector also requires changes! And, Neuroscience Business School, offers education adapted to real & current life.

Neuroscience Business School is a community where you can:

  • Get an education for the 21st century
  • Get your maximum personal, professional and social potential
  • Connect with people who value the same things as you
  • Acquire neuroscience knowledge for entrepreneurs & leaders
  • Learn to make effective decisions

The key features of the Neuroscience Business School community:

  • Goal orientation
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • The open mind
We specialize in programs for leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st century

Difference from Neuroscience Business School

The difference between Neuroscience Business School and other business schools is that we add new neuroscience tools to business programs. We offer up-to-date and practical education.

Vision of Neuroscience Business School

The purpose of NBS is to offer business education through advanced tools and techniques.

Neuroscience Business School Mission

Provide students with the most up-to-date learning, so that they can achieve a successful professional experience.

We focus on developing the personal skills and professional skills of our students.

We teach our students to train in practices aimed at promoting essential habits to enjoy optimal mental and physical health and to have the resilient strength and energy necessary for action.

Neuroscience Business School Education

Neuroscience Business School offers two types of classes: face-to-face in Barcelona, Spain, and live online. In all our classes we have the perfect combination of theory and practice. Classes are very dynamic.

Neuroscience Business School has created a streaming class system that makes our students feel as if they were in face-to-face classes. Online classes are very similar to offline courses, the only difference is that our students do not have to travel.

Our values

Personalized education for each student

Our students will not only learn to be optimally analytical, creative, innovative, and dynamic in action but also to act within the framework of moral values universally accepted as good for the progress of humanity.


The education system changes very fast, what you learned a year ago may not have any weight, or it may even be obsolete. That is why at NBS we adapt our programs each semester so that our students can receive the appropriate education.


We have created a mixed system of our programs which helps our students to share studies with their work. Although, we are quite strict with the system of homework and deadlines so that our students can achieve their goals.

Employment and internships

Future employment is the goal of any education. NBS cares about all students being successful professionally and we do our best to do so.

From the first day of class, each student has access to Job Bank. Neuroscience Business School will help you:

  • adapt your CV;
  • find internships while you're studying;
  • to find a job.

We know the needs of the labor market. We are collaborating with numerous companies to help our students get the best job.

We also collaborate with Michael Page, Page Personal, and Club Marketing Barcelona. That helps our students get internships and jobs. All Neuroscience Business School students and alumni can use the Job Bank services.

We offer:

  • Up-to-date programs adapted to market needs.
  • Masterclasses on how to get a job.
  • Direct contact with international companies and recommendations.
  • Job and Internship Service.
  • Tutoring sessions.

Although we have to emphasize that professional success also depends on the student: their skills, attitude, and desire to get a job.


Neuroscience Business School programs are accredited by the SWISS School of Business Research which is accredited by Eduqua, as well as UCAM, a state-recognized university in Spain. Eduqua is the first quality certificate in Switzerland for public and private educational centers.


The application is simple. And, for this, the requirements must be met in the following three phases:

Stage 1. Admission and application

You have to fill in the online application: attach the required documents and pay the registration fee of 30 euros. You can find the Online Application part on the right side of the program which one you want to choose.

List of documents:

  • Passport or ID
  • CV (in English or Spanish)
  • Latest academic transcript
  • Motivation letter

In the motivation letter, you have to explain why you want to do this program. Requirements: De 500 – 1000 words, in .pdf format.

Stage 2. Video interview

Once applied you will receive an email with the proposal on the day and time of the online interview. Duration: between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Stage 3. Application result

Two to three business days after you receive your test results, you will receive an email about whether or not you are considered eligible. In the case of being considered suitable (which we hope), you will have 15 business days to make the payment for the place reservation.

Reservation of place

Once accepted for the program you have to pay the corresponding registration fee. You have to make the payment before the last date of the term mentioned in the admission email. There is no refund of the amount paid once registered. In case of visa rejection not attributable to NBS, the amount canceled due to reservation of a place is not returned.

Final payment

You have to make the payment complete. You can make the payment through a bank transfer. There are two payment methods: single payment and installment payment.

Visa Requirements

Neuroscience Business School is an international business school with students from multiple countries.

A long-term student visa, type D, is required for all foreigners planning to study in Spain, except citizens of the European Union and nationals of Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

The process for getting a visa it's quite simple:

  • First, you must apply for admission to NBS in your chosen educational program. In case of acceptance of the registration by NBS and the registration fee has been paid, NBS will send the relevant documentation.
  • Next, the student must prepare the documentation and present it at the Spanish embassy or consulate general in the country of residence.
  • The list of documents required may vary depending on the country of residence, so it is advisable to consult the embassy in advance. The visa will last for 90 days.

Once in Barcelona, you have 1 month to register (census) and be able to apply for a temporary residence card. EU citizens have to apply for the NIE and non-EU citizens must apply for the TIE.

The student will have the support of NBS throughout the process. Every NBS student will receive a student card and one year of membership to the Club Marketing Barcelona, which will benefit you by being part of an important networking network.


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