East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) was founded in 1952; as one of the key state-owned universities it is on the list of ”211 Project”. ECUST has developed itself into a research-oriented university with multi-disciplines development in an all-around way.

East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) is located in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan metropolis where distinguished people, diverse society, and exquisite attractions can be found. It is a key research university in China featuring distinctive disciplines and a balanced curriculum of science, engineering, materials, computer, economics, management, arts, and law. The university emphasizes the campus motto of “Industry, Pragmatics, Inspiration, and Morality”, by continuously reviewing our performance and exploring operating models, to attract more and more industrious young students to further their education here.

ECUST has 15 academic schools with around 3,700 staff members and 26,000 full-time students at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. Over the past 50 years, thousands of overseas students from more than 80 countries have graduated from ECUST. At present, there are around 500 overseas students studying at ECUST.

ECUST School of Business

School of Business, founded in 1990, has become the largest and fastest growing school in ECUST. It boats a well-qualified and experienced faculty of 124 members; over half of them are professors and associate professors.
School of Business has placed a particular emphasis on cooperation and exchanges with domestic and overseas research institutes and enterprises. So far it has established relations and cooperation with more than 20 well-known universities in the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to name a few. The School of Business sincerely welcomes visits, research cooperation, and exchanges with research institutes, governmental departments, enterprises as well as individuals home and abroad.


The MBA programs are well recognized by the State Educations Ministry of China. One of the unique characteristics of the ECUST School of Business is excellent international study environment offered to the MBA students. ECUST MBA invites worldwide professors and professionals to join hands with us to build the branding “Global MBA at ECUST”.

Moreover, ECUST MBA has also recognized by both at home and abroad MBA ranking publications:

  • Ranked 19th at China MBA among top 50 MBA (Forbes, 2004)
  • "One of the Most Influential Joint MBAs in China” (World Executive Magazine, 2005)

This school also offers:


East China University of Science and Technology School of Business (ECUST)

At the IMBA program, School of Business, East China University of Science & Technology we are keen to ensure that our students have the best possible learning experie ... [+]

ECUST IMBA – Learn Chinese and Earn an MBA

ECUST IMBA – International Master of Business Administration

At the IMBA program, School of Business, East China University of Science & Technology we are keen to ensure that our students have the best possible learning experience, which supported by a global teaching force. That is why we have created such an international MBA program taught fully in English, and have been attracting an increasing number of international students from European countries, North America, Africa and Asian countries, esp. working with many worldwide partner universities in students exchange with double degree programs.

This IMBA is designed to help you make a great start to your business studies. The different modules provide you a foundational theoretical knowledge of economics, business, and management with 9 core courses, elective courses are placed in different research areas, such as International Business, Operation Management, Marketing and Strategic Management, Project Management, and Finance, where you can build your career competitiveness during your studies. The IMBA courses will provide an introduction to the business in different functions and fields, challenging context of case studies with applying for the theories you have learned in classes at ECUST. It stresses, the independent and critical approach to study which is one of the characteristics of MBA learning environments, in particular, you will sit with our Chinese MBA students, who have years of working experiences. The MBA classes make useful preparations and suggestions about how to be ready to manage yourself ready into... [-]

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