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The Professional School of Business & Technology is the competence centre for postgraduate studies at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Application-oriented post-graduate studies have been designed for university graduates and experienced practitioners who wish to increase their professional and personal competence, and who regard post-graduate studies as a life-long process.

Our degree and non-degree studies address the need of graduates in various fields of studies and of experienced practitioners to whom we offer a specific range of courses which will enhance their knowledge.

We focus on the development of leaders. In our MBA in International Business Management & Leadership, we support our students to achieve a long-term improvement of their emotional intelligence as well as of their leadership skills. This objective will be supported by the integration into our Professional Development Program in Business Coaching, which enables us to coach our MBA participants individually.

Elements of success of our programs are the exceptional commitment of our lecturers and the unique atmosphere of the Professional School of Business & Technology, which are accompanied by the particular attractiveness of the city of Kempten and the Allgäu region. In addition to this, we offer an individual advisory service for prospective program participants and intensive support and service during the programs.

We invite you to enrich your knowledge and your personality with us.

The team of the Professional School of Business & Technology is looking forward to welcoming you.

Numbers, data, facts

As a Professional School of Business & Technology is part of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten our students can participate in everyday campus life and can profit from all benefits the modern campus offers.

The University of Applied Sciences Kempten is the only state university in the Allgäu that offers academics in the fields of engineering, business administration and tourism, computer science and multimedia as well as social and health sciences. Since its foundation in 1977, the educational institution on the edge of the Alps has been steadily growing.

Each year, several thousand applicants apply for a place in Kempten. About 6,000 students are currently enrolled in 18 undergraduate and 14 masters degree programs. 140 professors carry out the majority of the lectures, supported by about 200 lecturers from the private sector. Starting from the provisional start building, a 53,000 m² university campus with modern teaching buildings, laboratories, library and cafeteria has been built in Bahnhofstraße. Around 200 non-scientific employees keep the university's operations running in administration, faculties and laboratories.

The special profile of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten includes a broad, well-rounded education in a few undergraduate courses with a moderate specialization in the main course. A special concern is practical relevance and internationalization.

Diverse business co-operations form the basis for an application-oriented study. More than 80 partner universities around the world allow spending part of their studies abroad.

Principles and goals

practical, innovative, interdisciplinary, international
Quality through cooperative service


The University of Applied Sciences Kempten sees itself as a cosmopolitan university of the Allgäu with a practical, interdisciplinary oriented as well as international and future-oriented university education. Our development goal is a university with a varied and differentiated range of courses at the highest possible level in the training fields of technology and business as well as social and health care, where the students study with joy and the teachers and other employees enjoy working. Equality between women and men is a consistent guiding principle and should be promoted in all normative and administrative measures of the university.

Quality standards

The aim of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences is to offer high quality in practice-oriented teaching, applied research and development as well as knowledge and technology transfer. The Allgäu University sees itself as a state-of-the-art service and environmental education, training and transfer institution.

Guarantee for the high-quality standard is a qualified and motivated staff as well as modern equipment. The further education of the professors, as well as the employees of the administration, must be promoted on a budget so that they can optimally meet the constantly changing requirements in teaching and research as well as administration. The motivation and the needs of the employees should be discussed in the annual employee appraisals.

Application reference

The University of Applied Sciences Kempten teaches students the ability to independently apply scientific methods. Experiences and current problems from professional practice are permanently integrated into the courses.
As a University of the Allgäu, Kempten University of Applied Sciences also sees itself as a partner of the regional medium-sized business sector and is therefore increasingly involved in the transfer of knowledge and technology, especially in its affiliated institutes.

Since the problems in practice are multidisciplinary, we strive for interdisciplinary solutions. This is done through intensive cooperation between the faculties, interdisciplinary courses and imparting high social and methodological competence.

We encourage the use of innovative learning methods; These include project work, multimedia use, computer-aided learning programs, online tutoring and broad student access to specialist literature and the Internet.


Kempten University considers itself to be highly regarded as an internationally oriented university, which takes into account the growing globalization. Our students are offered a variety of opportunities for studying abroad in order to become familiar with other countries and cultures. We, therefore, promote international exchange to a special degree. We also offer a well-rounded range of foreign languages as well as internationally oriented study courses, combined with the awarding of international degrees.

Graduates competence

Graduates of Kempten University of Applied Sciences have science-based and professionally qualifying university degrees with specialist, methodological, social and communicative competencies that enable them to perform special specialist and management tasks.

The need for lifelong learning is taken into account by the Kempten University of Applied Sciences through attractive continuing education programs.

In addition to the need for sustained communication beyond the university, Kempten University of Applied Sciences also complies with its efforts to foster relationships with its graduates.

Partner university of top sports

As the highest university in Bavaria, the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, in cooperation with the General German University Sports Association and the German Ski Association, supports top athletes in winter sports in their efforts to simultaneously pursue a sporting career and an academic education.

Leadership style and organizational guidelines

At all organizational levels, we are committed to a cooperative and collegial leadership style in the spirit of the management principles of the Bavarian State Administration.

The maxim of action within the framework of the legal and economic requirements is a commitment, personal responsibility, efficiency, constructive dialogue and service orientation, in order to further develop our university internally and externally in the best possible way.



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