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Our mission is to develop visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.

In 1992, GLOBIS – a combination of the words “global” and “business” – was born in the form of a single marketing course taught in a rented classroom in downtown Tokyo. From these humble beginnings, the institution grew into Japan’s largest business school, with highly ranked MBA programs in Japanese and English, full-time and part-time, on-campus and online.

As a young, ambitious and highly successful start-up, GLOBIS aims to inspire and nurture the business leaders of tomorrow on the way to becoming Asia’s No. 1 business school.

GLOBIS History

A start-up venture that became a world-class educational institution.

The Birth of a Business School

In 1992, at the age of 30, entrepreneur Yoshito Hori created ‘GLOBIS’ from scratch (combining the words ‘global’ and ‘business’), largely inspired by Harvard Business School’s MBA program—from which he had graduated a year earlier. The school found life in President Hori’s central Tokyo apartment, with President Hori as the sole employee. After sending letters to HBS alumni in Japan—and inviting them to teach at the newly formed GLOBIS School of Management—President Hori managed to assemble a team from his personal network and began to instruct the first pioneering class of 20 students, using the famous ‘case method.’ Today, GLOBIS is an expanding educational institution and has instructed thousands of international business professionals.

The Highest Standards of Management Education

The first GLOBIS students were knowledge-hungry individuals who funded their studies with their own money and therefore demanded the best: top-quality education from world-class instructors. GLOBIS demands the highest standards from all faculty members, requiring instructors to have MBAs or other masters degrees, real-world business experience and the ability to teach using the case method—rather than the traditional lecture style. This unique approach to business education created a surge in applications, prompting GLOBIS to build two more campuses in the cities of Osaka and Nagoya.

The Largest Business School in Japan

GLOBIS’ success and rapid growth were driven by President Hori’s intense energy and by word of mouth following his revolutionary approach to education. The exponential growth GLOBIS experienced secured its place as the largest management school in Japan, bringing it one step closer to its ultimate goal of becoming Asia’s top business school.

After reaching its 20th anniversary in 2012, GLOBIS has continued to expand and seek further challenges, launching new campuses in Sendai and Fukuoka, and subsidiaries in Shanghai and Singapore.

With five campuses nationwide and two offices abroad, GLOBIS is fast becoming recognized as one of Asia’s fastest-growing business schools.

What We Offer

GLOBIS is more than a business school. The network of people you will meet here, the invaluable skills you will obtain and the personal mission you will be encouraged to shape will help you become a ‘visionary leader who creates and innovates societies.’


The Japanese term ‘Kokorozashi’ is interpreted by GLOBIS as having a personal mission, the very core of a leader’s strength.

Personal Mission

GLOBIS exists to educate people who are ambitious—not for self-aggrandizing purposes, but for creating positive changes in society. This is why GLOBIS puts particular emphasis on the development of its students’ Kokorozashi. During your studies at GLOBIS, you will be given ample opportunities to think deeply about your own personal mission and discover what you are truly passionate about. By developing this inner drive, you will be able to forge a personal network and utilize the many skills you will gain during your studies.

Personal Network

The contacts and friendships you make at GLOBIS may change your life. A diverse mix of students, a truly global faculty and associations with top business leaders will help start you on your path to success. GLOBIS peers, alumni, and lecturers may become your future business partners, investors or mentors—it all comes down to how much effort you put into expanding your personal network. Try meeting as many people as possible during your studies at GLOBIS, as your network of contacts will be an essential tool in supporting your mission and success in life.

Business & Conceptual Skills

GLOBIS students do not just learn hard business skills such as accounting, finance, and marketing—they also study the soft skills needed to innovate and create value in a globalized world. Communication, negotiation, critical thinking and management philosophy are just a few of the many topics you will cover during your studies at GLOBIS, all of which will help contribute to your personal growth.

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