IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 by a group of prominent businessmen with the aim of developing future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth, rooted in personal integrity, social responsibility and global vision.

IPADE at a Glance


IPADE Business School was founded in 1967.


Our 11 academic departments engage in the education of participants from the different IPADE Programs.


Over 37,000 students have graduated from IPADE’s classrooms It is a select group of businesspeople from different sectors, with diverse interests, that share IPADE as a nodal point; for IPADE its graduates constitute the most important value.


IPADE has had an outstanding presence in different international and domestic rankings, published by Financial Times, Forbes and CNN Expansion which consider and assess the best business schools and their programs.


IPADE’s quality and consistency have allowed it to obtain three of the international accreditations that are awarded to the world’s most important business schools.

Advisory Committee

IPADE Business School has promoted the international dialogue by involving two of the most prestigious business schools in the world: Harvard Business School and IESE Business School.


IPADE has three main campuses located in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. In order to meet the needs of communities in smaller cities within the country, IPADE also offers its programmes in temporary satellite campuses throughout Mexico.


Using the Case Method, participants perfect their managerial skills by exercising the detection, analysis, and diagnosis of real business problems.

The Case Method uses academic materials (business cases) based on real organizational challenges are analyzed from different perspectives. This process is divided into three stages: personal study, teamwork, and a plenary session led by an expert professor.

Drawing on the cases and accompanying technical notes, participants acquire the necessary knowledge about the fundamentals of business management. Guest speakers and visiting professors provide additional hands-on inputs, expertise and life experience.

1. Personal Study

Participants use their personal experience with the situation outlined to assess the issues and make an action plan.

2. Teamwork

The team of participants combine their personal and plenary analysis to make decisions as though they were the company’s board of directors.

3. Plenary Session

The case is analyzed using input from the whole class under the guidance of an expert professor.

Social Work

El Peñón Foundation and Colegio Montefalco are two educational institutions for disadvantaged families that live in eastern Morelos state. Both schools are part of IPADE’s social responsibility initiatives. The Institutional Development Department connects both participants and alumni with the specific initiatives promoted by the schools to help support the education of children, adolescents, and their families.

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IPADE Business School

Our Full-Time MBA Program has the main goal of developing managerial skills such as team working, leadership, decision making, global vision, and the ability to work unde ... [+]

Our Full-Time MBA Program has the main goal of developing managerial skills such as team working, leadership, decision making, global vision, and the ability to work under pressure. We work with the case methodology in order to analyze, discuss and come to a conclusion for more than 900 cases during the two years of the MBA.

IPADE’s Full-Time MBA Program is taught 100% in English and in two campuses: Mexico City and Monterrey.

IPADE is characterized by its personal attention and small groups (150 students in both campuses).

Why Ipade?

The Full-time MBA Program is designed to develop the skills necessary to face Top Management responsibilities. Participants will undergo a profound transformation, and this training requires a two-year commitment to professional and personal growth.... [-]

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July 2020
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